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Thomas Testing Inc. provides independent sports surface testing.

With safety as the key to building the best sports surfaces available, independent testing is extremely important.

Shock absorbency-Impact attenuation testing is critical in all phases of creating the optimal sports surface for your teams and communities. Testing provides crucial information for product selection, building, and maintenance of your sports fields, playground areas, and running tracks.

Our Ideology
Why GMAX testing is Important:
Safety in sports is a major concern for everyone.

What is it?
GMAX testing is an impact test that measures the shock attenuation performance of synthetic turf systems. Synthetic turf systems are to perform to the requirements set by the ASTM standard F1936 and the Synthetic Turf Council guidelines. Providing a safe playing surface is a very important part of concussion safety.

Why test and when?
All new synthetic turf installations should be tested by an independent testing company, ensuring that the new field has been installed to its specifications and safety standards. Continuing, annual testing is also very important. This will help with the planning of the maintenance activities of the fields. Along with keeping the fields at proper performance levels, the information from testing will help to determine the "end of life" of the fields.
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Sports Surface Testing:
  • ASTM F-355 (GMAX)
    • Sports surfaces.
  • ASTM F-1936 (GMAX)
    • Synthetic turf.
    • Natural turf sports fields.
    • Field inspections and
    • consultation.

Turf and track testing:

  • ASTM F-3189 (GMAX and HIC)
    • Artificial Athlete.

Playground Surface Testing:

  • ASTM F-1292 (GMAX and HIC)
    • Playground surfaces.
  • ASTM F-3313 (GMAX and HIC)

Other Testing Services:

  • ASTM F-381
    • Playground Surface attenuation as tested in the field.
  • ASTM F-381
    • Trampoline padding testing.
  • ASTM F-2333
    • Traction characteristics of athletic shoe/sports surface interface.
  • ASTM F-2898
    • Permeability of Synthetic Turf sports field.

Onsite and lab testing for verification of compliance to safety standards providing a safe play environment for all users.
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